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Enhancing Leadership through Customization, Innovation and Collaboration
About PLDC

The Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center (PLDC) is a non-profit (501c3) organization established in 1995 to provide professional learning opportunities to educational leaders.

Over the past two decades, our organization has grown to serve clients all across Pennsylvania and beyond. Our board includes influential and highly respected leaders in the education industry. Additionally, we have collaborators, facilitators and a dedicated staff who work together to keep PLDC at the cutting-edge of contemporary leadership practices.

Our Mission & Vision


PLDC is committed to leveraging leadership as a means to improving the professional development of educators, resulting in stronger, more effective educational institutions for our society.

All of our programs and services embrace the three most critical dimensions of leading: people, language and systems. We are continually refining our methodology to identify, evaluate and apply only the most useful leadership practices.

Our vision is to foster a mindset among educators that inspires, supports and influences leadership to make the world a better place.

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