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The MCL National Alliance is the result of six distinct organizations’ decision to collaborate on providing leadership and support that will significantly influence the future of education in America. 

Schwahn Leadership Associates (SLA)

Chuck Schwahn, Advisor

McGarvey Education Associates (MEA)

Bea McGarvey, Advisor

Maine Cohort for Customized Learning (MCCL)

Linda Laughlin, Representative

Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center (PLDC)

Pat Crawford, Jay Scott, Tom Butler, Representatives

Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD)

Tom Rooney, Representative

Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE)

Julie Mathiesen, Representative

MCL mid atlantic.png

Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 (IU8) is proud to partner with PLDC to create the Mass Customized Learning Mid-Atlantic Consortium. PLDC leaders and associates are valuable collaborators! They are learner-centered and have a powerful vision for the future of leaders in education.

Dr. Thomas Butler

Executive Director 

Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8


Thanks to our partnership with PLDC, our Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership combines cutting-edge theory and research with in-depth examinations of effective educational leadership practices. These rich experiences help us promote a positive approach to leadership that emphasizes growth, strength and human potential while encouraging our graduates to stretch themselves to a higher level of excellence in their practice, no matter where they are in their career.

Dr. Connie Moss

Director of Ed. D. in Educational Leadership Program

Duquesne University


The future of education lies in information and empowerment. More and more, schools are exploring an educational system where learners and professionals are engaged and the student is at the center of learning. Industrial-age education models based on mass learning—25 students, one teacher, where time is constant and learning is variable—are no longer meeting the needs of students. Wilson’s Master of Mass Customized Learning (MMCL) program prepares educators to create a system that listens to students, provides choice in learning modes, and offers variety in path and pace, based on individual needs.

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