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Putting the Learner at the Center

PLDC helps schools become radically learner-centered

Experts in Mass Customized Learning

PLDC is a leading authority on Mass Customized Learning (MCL). We believe that educational institutions need to move away from the Industrial Age of mass producing education and into the Information Age of mass customizing learning. We are proud to be a member of the MCL National Alliance and to also have Dr. Charles Schwahn, a leader of the MCL movement, on the PLDC Board.

We continue to expand the reach of Mass Customized Learning through our involvement with the MCL Mid-Atlantic Consortium that hosts conferences and provides key resources to educators. We also work with individual organizations to help them effectively implement the ideas of Mass Customized Learning into their systems.

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Mass Customized Learning Consortium

PLDC helps organizations move into the Information Age of Mass Customized Learning

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PLDC has partnered with Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 (IU8) to create the Mass Customized Learning Mid-Atlantic Consortium (MCL), a regional consortium that puts students at the center of learning in our schools. Working together, we explore the benefits of Mass Customized Learning and chart a new course for public education in the Mid-Atlantic region. MCL is open to any educator who wants to dislodge the industrial age model of schooling and become radically learner-focused. Membership benefits include biannual summits, premiere access to unique educational opportunities and collaboration with a valuable community of like-minded educators.

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