MCL Learning Paths

The Mass Customized Learning National Alliance offers a learner-centered experience that meets learners at their developmental level and offers multiple pathways for voice and choice by leveraging modern technologies facilitated by highly skilled Alliance members.  The MCL Institute on Eduplanet21 is comprised of five different MCL series. Each series includes multiple learning paths (courses). 

Series #1: Shifting the Mindset

Image by Paul Skorupskas

Series #4: Skilled Leadership

Series #2: Viable Learning Outcomes

Series #5: Quality Instruction

Series #3: Customizing Structures

Appalachia IU8 and the Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center (PLDC), in a collaboration with author, Charles Schwahn and consultant, Jessica Enderson offer two additional series of learning paths for more exploration into Mass Customized Learning. Each of these series consists of multiple learning paths. Join a single learning path, or an entire series. 

MCL4HS Series: Mass Customized Learning for High School

Image by Paul Skorupskas

MCL4YL Series: Mass Customized Learning for Young Learners