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PIL Courses

One of the most effective methods for leadership teams to advance the concept of a learning organization and build team cohesiveness is by participating in a group PIL program for Act 48 credits. 

PLDC offers Pennsylvania Department of Education PIL-Approved Programs that count toward Act 45 continuing education credits. Our programs are designed using the most current and proven methods for effective adult learning that keep participants engaged and promote knowledge retention. In addition to our core programs, we can work with you to create a completely customized program to meet your organization’s unique objectives.


Leading Change

40 PIL Hours

Leading Change answers the questions: Why do most educational change initiatives fail? How can leaders influence positive, sustaining change in their organization? The goal of this course is to empower leaders to share experiences, learn new ideas, and transfer relevant leadership lessons.

Leading District-wide Continuous Improvement

40 PIL Hours

Leaders and leadership teams learn from pioneers of transformational change in education to change their thinking and behavior to advance continuous improvement in their contexts.

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