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Leading Change

Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Act 45 program for 40 PIL Hours

Leading Change is a program designed to answer the questions: Why do most educational change initiatives fail? How can leaders influence positive, sustaining change in their organization? 


The goal is to empower leaders to share experiences, learn new ideas, and transfer relevant leadership lessons. The program facilitator stimulates thinking, guides self-reflection, and provides coaching for a change initiative.

The participant requirements for the program includes: 

  • Engaging in the blended-learning (in-class & virtual) environment,

  • Embedding activities into daily practice,

  • Presenting a culminating project at an "Evidence Fair" during the final in-class session.

The program is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge, skills, and optimism that significant educational change is possible. Participants will transfer what is learned to their current leadership roles and environments.  The participants will examine the following seven major ideas of the program

1.    Why is cultivating a learning culture the first step toward leading successful change? 
2.    Why study change theory?
3.    Why is there is a gap between knowing and doing?
4.    How has education changed (or not)?
5.    What are the obstacles to educational change?
6.    How to overcome the immunity to change?
7.    What can leaders do to implement significant change that sticks?

Program Design


PLDC offers Pennsylvania Department of Education PIL-Approved Programs that count toward continuing education credits. Our programs are designed using the most current and proven methods for effective adult learning that keep participants engaged and promote knowledge retention. In addition to our core programs, we can work with you to create a completely customized program to meet your organization’s unique objectives.

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