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MCL National Summit - Presentation Resources

Leading Change - Creating a Value Network

Dr. Pat Crawford, PLDC

The Work: How to Lead Your System from MCL Vision to Reality 

Jessica Enderson: Learner Centered Leadership

Chipping Away at Weight Bearing Walls

Manheim Central 

The Power of a Sustained Strategic Design

Ton Rooney, et al.

Customized Approaches to MCL

Bea McGarvey: McGarvey Educational Associates

The Collaborative for Customized Learning (CCL): “A Success Story”

Linda Laughlin, Dr. Nadine Larkin, Dr. Deanna Mayers

All-In with the Valley Village

Dr. Erik Orndorff and Dr. Richard Eby: Pequea Valley School District

What We Have Learned

Dr. Kristi Prime: Susquehanna Township School District

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