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Build for Tomorrow

Leadership Thoughts | Issue #118

Sisyphus: He is a character from Greek mythology who was assigned to roll a huge rock up a hill for eternity, only to watch it roll back down.

Have you ever found yourself in a continuous Sisyphean cycle? Innovative leaders often experience the Sisyphean cycle. They implement a new system, technology, method, or concept only to find their work dislodged or blocked, causing a restart, or completely giving up. This story introduced a key concept in a book about change.

Friend and colleague, Tom Butler, recommended reading Jason Feifer's book, Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career. Feifer is the Editor in Chief of the Entrepreneur magazine. As my practice, I used one of my Prime audio tokens to get an audio copy of the book. After listening to the audio version, I found the book merit purchasing a hard copy. When I read and highlighted key concepts, I thought a summary would appeal to the readers of Leadership Thoughts.

Jason Feifer's book, "Build for Tomorrow," is a stimulating read that encourages readers to accept change and the unknown to prosper in today's quickly shifting world. Feifer offers an innovative viewpoint on handling the unpredictable future and providing valuable tactics to construct robustness and versatility.

Main Ideas:

  • Embracing Uncertainty: Feifer explains that our conventional view of looking for dependability and certainty is no longer practical in an ever-changing universe. From his point of view, we should accept uncertainty as a means to progress and create new ideas.

  • The Nature of Change: The author looks into the agents that cause changes, like technological improvements, cultural evolutions, and economic upheavals. He demonstrates how these alterations bring difficulties and offer novel opportunities for individuals and businesses.

  • Agile Thinking: Feifer encourages us to cultivate an agile mindset to cope with unanticipated circumstances. He shares vivid tales of people and organizations that have flourished by being adaptable and malleable in the face of changes.

  • Identifying Opportunities: Rather than being scared of change, Feifer encourages readers to take the initiative and look for openings that may present themselves in times of disruption. He provides tips on spotting upcoming trends and using them to benefit their private lives and careers.

  • Overcoming Resistance: Feifer's book looks into people's and groups' struggles when they attempt to transform. He provides helpful guidance on combatting fear, inactivity, and pushback to get a more proactive and open attitude.

  • Building Resilience: Feifer discusses the importance of resilience in navigating uncertainty and shares insights on developing resilience as an individual or within an organization. He highlights the power of optimism, adaptability, and continuous learning.

  • Collaborative Mindset: The writer underscores the importance of unity and partnership in an ever-evolving world. He encourages creating networks, seeking various opinions, and cultivating collective knowledge to manage complicated issues.

  • Future Forecasting: In his book, Feifer investigates the science of predicting the future and how to use it to spot trends and prepare for changes. He gives readers tips and advice on being better ready for disruption and learning how to adjust when necessary.

  • Personal Growth: The book goes beyond professional success and dives into personal growth when there is doubt. Feifer urges readers to accept uneasy feelings, benefit from mistakes, and cultivate a never-ending knowledge and self-improvement mentality.

The book, "Build for Tomorrow," provides a hopeful and helpful plan of action for confronting a tumultuous landscape. Through incorporating change, cultivating strength, and keeping an open mind to potential prospects, readers are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly shifting world.


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