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Total Leaders Needed

Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Act 45 program for 40 PIL Hours

The "Total Leaders Needed" program is based upon research and best practices associated with developing school leaders who will create the preferred future education. The program is designed to help leaders better understand a Total Leader's disposition and why Total Leaders are needed in schools.  Total Leaders' temperament includes openness, flexibility, empowerment, and a capacity to manage increasingly complex and dynamic changes.

Participants will be asked to complete all the assignments, discussions, and activities presented in the program.   The ultimate goal is for the participant to become a self-directed learner.  Self-directed learners extend their learning beyond the program requirements.   As a learner, the participants dig deep in related topics, and they determine what and how they will continue their professional development. 


The participant requirements for the program include:

  • Engaging in the blended-learning (in-class & virtual) environment

  • Embedding activities into daily practice

  • Presenting a culminating project at an "Evidence Fair" during the final in-class session

The "Total Leaders Needed" program meets the requirements for a 40-credit hour approved PIL program (8 in-class hours, ten online hours, 22 embedded hours).  Online learning occurs both synchronously and asynchronously.  The blended option allows for both in-class and online interaction.   The twenty-two hours of job-embedded assignments/activities provide the participant with an opportunity to put theory into practice. 

Program Design


PLDC offers Pennsylvania Department of Education PIL-Approved Programs that count toward continuing education credits. Our programs are designed using the most current and proven methods for effective adult learning that keep participants engaged and promote knowledge retention. In addition to our core programs, we can work with you to create a completely customized program to meet your organization’s unique objectives.

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