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Resetting School

Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Act 45 program for 40 PIL Hours

The Resetting School: Transcending Normal PIL program is designed to address the leadership questions and the opportunities related to the educational delivery system's catastrophic change.  COVID-19 has introduced such a radical change that it has created chaos in the education system and structures. Overnight, traditional brick and mortar schools were forced to become online schools. The participant will engage with their district leadership team to dissect three phases of a transition to the new normal.  The fundamental goal is a transcendence to establish an educational model superior to the current educational system.  

Participants are required to select integrated activities that will lead to increased student achievement and adult performance. When school teams focus on a few, high-leverage strategies using a cohesive system of leadership, increased student achievement is the result. As a culminating project during the "Evidence Fair," participants will provide data showing how their selected initiative led to increased student achievement and discuss the challenges of implementation.


The participant requirements for the program include:

  • Engaging in the blended-learning (in-class & virtual) environment

  • Embedding activities into daily practice

  • Presenting a culminating project at an "Evidence Fair" during the final in-class session

The Resetting School: Transcending Normal program is designed to meet the requirements for a 40-credit hour approved PIL program (9 synchronous hours of in-class, 12 asynchronous hours of online, 19 hours of job-embedded activities).  In-class and online learning occurs both synchronously and asynchronously.  The hybrid (blended) option allows for both in-person and online interaction. The nineteen hours of job-embedded activity provides the participant with an opportunity to put theory into practice.

Program Design


PLDC offers Pennsylvania Department of Education PIL-Approved Programs that count toward continuing education credits. Our programs are designed using the most current and proven methods for effective adult learning that keep participants engaged and promote knowledge retention. In addition to our core programs, we can work with you to create a completely customized program to meet your organization’s unique objectives.

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