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PEACE Webinar Resources September 23rd, 2020




Interpersonal harmony is generally one of the first victims of chaotic times.  When that harmony is victimized, the resulting personal, professional, political, and social disorder tends to fed the chaos.  It also tends to multiply it exponentially.  It then logically follows that reestablishing a sense of calm and order is an essential and powerful means to reduce and move beyond the chaos.  Rebuilding understanding, reestablishing trust, and invigorating cooperation are essential thus steps in that process.


The calm associated with interpersonal equilibrium is often not appreciated or even considered until it’s under attack, and it’s not missed until it is gone.   Regrettably, a productive balance or supportive steady state of interpersonal relationships is often threatened by forces well beyond the initiation or control of many that are caught up in it.  Nonetheless, those affected by chaos can control their reactions to it.  That control is largely driven by their willingness and openness to come together and meet on the common ground of that which is known and that which represents contemporary, data-driven best practice.  The current chaos brought on by Covid-19 is a prime example.


PEACE, a plan for dealing with anger in chaotic times, provides basic strategics to support organizations and the individuals who power them, as they work to bring order out of Covid-19 chaos.  Although always good practice, these strategies are all the more essential and powerful in difficult and trying times.  PEACE provides a blueprint for communicating, acting, and reacting so as to peacefully address concern, deal with frustration, understand anger, and face fears among those served by the organization.  Those charged with organizational progression from chaos to calm, will find actionable sound strategies and actionable tactical insights to support their best efforts. 



A Strategic and Tactical Approach for Dealing With Angry Parents



            - PRIORITIZE

            - PRIDE 



            - EDUCATE 

            - EVALUATE 


            - ADDRESS ANXIETY

            - ASK – “WHAT’S CAUSING ANGER?”

            - ANSWER 

            - ACTUALIZE

            - APOLITICAL



            - COMPOSED 

            - CONCEPTUALIZE 

            - COMMON GROUND 


            - EVOLVE 

            - EMULATE 


“Please know that we are concerned about OUR children as much as you are.”

Dr. McGough Information

Dr. Michael R. McGough was a teacher, coach, principal, and assistant superintendent in the public schools of Pennsylvania for more than 30 years.  In addition to his years in public education, he was a professor of education at York College of Pennsylvania.  During his fourteen years at York College, he served as an associate professor, division director, program coordinator, and the chair of the Education Department.  He retired from the college in 2015 to continue his career as an educational and leadership consultant.    


Since 1976, he has served as a Licensed Guide with the National Park Service at Gettysburg National Military Park, where he has earned the distinguished rank of Guide Emeritus.   Dr. McGough is the author of several books, numerous articles, and a number of long-running newspaper columns.  He has developed and currently presents a series of seminars and keynotes focused on organizational and personal leadership, team processes, and enhancing workplace environments.

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